Under the leadership of Executive Director, Nicole M. DelMastro-Jeffery, we build trust as we celebrate the diversity of our students, faculty and staff. At Ƶ, we recognize that inclusive living, learning, and teaching require more than a campus of variety and difference. Our mission is to provide innovative educational environments, opportunities, and experiences that enable individuals, communities, and the region to grow, thrive, and prosper.

We believe we accomplish this mission, in part, by engaging in a vibrant exchange of ideas based on a multitude of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and viewpoints. We are committed to fostering mutual respect, empathy and understanding, and to building constructive and rewarding educational, working, and social relationships.

A Core Institutional Value is Diversity and to this end, we believe that our similarities and differences are opportunities for establishing a common bond and strengthening the College.

In an effort to live this value we commit to:

  • Ensuring fair and equal access for all
  • Seeking and considering multiple points of view
  • Recognizing, appreciating, and celebrating the strength of diversity
  • Employing a College workforce that reflects the community we serve
  • Implementing learning activities that integrate diversity topics in the classroom
  • Providing educational experiences that promote a greater appreciation for diversity

We will continue to create a campus community that is broadly accessible to individuals of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and aspirations. We respect and encourage activities, gatherings, and conversations in which individuals from all backgrounds are able and eager to participate fully.

Diversity Initiatives & Committee Forums

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Campus Committee

Title IX & Campus Climate Evaluation

Neurodiversity Subcommittee

Campus Diversity Book Club

What activities and conversations would you find meaningful? Please provide your feedback, ask questions, and inquire about resources by emailing us at diversity@richland.edu.