Thank you for your interest in working with Ƶ. Human Resources coordinates the hiring of faculty and staff, and works in concert with hiring managers and search committees. Human Resources will only accept application materials for open positions. However, part-time Adjunct Instructor applications are always accepted and referred to the designated Dean for review. If you have applied for a position, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the response or position you want right away. As a dynamic, ever-evolving organization, new opportunities may become available.

Online Application Process

For all positions, applicants must submit the following materials through our online application process:

  • Cover Letter
  • Employment Application – 
  • Curriculum Vitae or Résumé
  • Transcripts (unofficial copies will be accepted during application stage)

Application Procedure

Applications are accepted only when there is a vacancy, and are then accepted until the position is filled. However, applications for part-time instructors are accepted at any time. Interested applicants should review our  for our open positions. Statements on application form indicating, “See Résumé,” are not acceptable. Please refer to the job announcement for additional requirements.

Interviewing at Ƶ

Where do I go for the interview?

Human Resources is located in North Wing.

How much time should I allow for the scheduled on-site interview?

While time for the on-site interview does vary from position to position, we would recommend an hour and a half.

How early should I arrive for my interview?

We suggest you arrive about 10-15 minutes early for the interview to allow ample time to park and check in with the Human Resources Department.

What should I expect during the interview?

For staff and full-time faculty positions, candidates are interviewed by various college individuals making up what is called the search committee. Applicants will interview in a panel format. The panel group interview is usually comprised of three or more individuals asking pertinent questions related to the position. This type of panel group interview is a question and answer session. For some positions you might be asked to participate in some type of simulation or instructional presentation related to the work environment.

For a majority of adjunct faculty positions, candidates are interviewed by the respective Dean or academic officer on an individual basis.

What can I do to prepare for my interview?

Review the description of the position for which you are applying, and evaluate how your experience will make you the ideal candidate.