The academic opportunities at Ƶ are designed to prepare you for wherever life takes you. Ƶ offers a diverse selection of academic/transfer, technical, and non-credit opportunities for learning. Ƶ has an eye on the future…not just the future of the college, but on your future as well. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and dreams.

Transfer Focus

Ƶ has a variety of resources and services to assist you in making sure your program and courses fit well with your intended goal. We work with a variety of four-year colleges and universities to help you plan your transition and be successful when you get there.

Career Skills/Technical Education Focus

Ƶ strives to provide educational opportunities that enable individuals to become contributing members of the workforce. Ƶ’s Career and Technical Options use both technical and academic education to provide the skills and education needed for living in a global society and competing in today’s workforce.

Life Enrichment Focus

If you are looking for classes that will help you explore new or existing hobbies and leisure activities, or enhance your professional development, be sure and check out our Non-Credit Courses. Our Workforce Development division provides a great number of non-credit classes designed to enrich your life while you learn. Visit Workforce Development for more information.

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