WelcomeENRICH DMH partnership logo to the EnRich Healthcare program, a collaboration between Decatur Memorial Hospital and Ƶ, designed to triple the number of qualified students applying for enrollment into Ƶ’s nursing and healthcare profession programs. Thanks to a $3.2 million grant from the Decatur Memorial Foundation, the EnRich Healthcare program will expand Ƶ’s nursing and clinical programs over the next four years, as both organizations address the unprecedented shortage of nurses and other health professionals in the area. The grant is the largest ever awarded by Decatur Memorial Foundation.

The grant will allow Ƶ to integrate and expand on the use of technology in the classroom, implementing increased simulation learning in classroom, lab and clinical settings. In addition, Ƶ will create at least three faculty positions and four new administrative positions to accommodate the program’s expansion.  The Nursing Program will include the intentional expansion of a diverse workforce that will be reflective of the community in which both DMH and Ƶ serve.

“This collaborative work will not only increase health care education opportunities, but it will also meet workforce needs in the Decatur area. This partnership will positively impact the communities we serve for generations to come.” — Dr. Cristobal “Cris” Valdez, President of Ƶ

“The partnership between the hospital and the community college will not only help expand the nursing program at Ƶ, which benefits both Ƶ and the hospital, but we are also creating unique educational grant opportunities to remove barriers that many community members face when trying to pursue higher education.” — Julie Bilbrey, Executive Director of the Decatur Memorial Foundation

“The mission of the (Decatur Memorial) foundation is to use local donations to help improve health in Macon County and the surrounding communities. This $3.2 million grant is a direct investment to increase the quality of care to our residents and at the same time enable participants in these programs to have very fulfilling careers that can last a lifetime.”  — William P. “Pen” Shade IV,  member of the Decatur Memorial Foundation Board of Directors

Participants in the program will experience

  • Substantial scholarship opportunities made available to prospective nursing and clinical students.
  • The opportunity to work and learn on the DMH campus with the pathway to become DMH colleagues upon program completion.
  • An infusion of essential skills training and trauma informed practices through the EnRich Program at Ƶ, which will help build a stronger and more resilient workforce and lead more individuals on the path to success.

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