EnRich’s Minority Mentor Protégé Program seeks to assist and support low-income and minority adults in the Decatur Macon County Community who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs.  Literature suggests that persons who are low-income often have skills, but lack mentorships and tangible connections to capital and resources.  Not for lack of ability, but for limited experience and knowledge.

Ultimately, this program is about personalizing the process of entrepreneurship.  This program is designed to have a direct investment in people to start businesses in Decatur thereby transforming their lives, their family legacy and the community of Decatur.  The most powerful thing we can do through this program is connect prospective participants to knowledge resources, commercial and community resources, fellow entrepreneurs, mentors and the broader community.  Through the Minority Mentor Protégé Program we will Change Lives.

Minority Mentor Protégé Entrepreneurship Program is a curriculum-driven program that builds a cohort and a supportive network for low-income or minority community residents, often first generation, entrepreneurs in this community.  The program builds soft and hard-skills, addresses the importance of financial literacy and attaches mentors to each business concept.


  • Provide resources for the development of new businesses for low-income residents in the City of Decatur, Illinois, such as business development and legalization services, books and financial audits for businesses and marketing services.
  • Create business mentorships and provide resources for budding low-income and minority entrepreneurs.
  • Impart Essential Skills to all program participants.
  • Prepare program participants to launch businesses, seek new employment opportunities or advance with current employers.
  • Create an online virtual resource center where participants can locate resources and information tips.

Other Opportunities

  • ICE House Entrepreneurship Program – The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program empowers learners by immersing them in entrepreneurial experiences while learning directly from the firsthand experience of real-world entrepreneurs.
  • Protégé Pitch Competition – In this competition, entrepreneurs can openly pitch their ideas and receive feedback on their plans.


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