Students seeking admission to Ƶ should

  1. Have graduated from high school, or
  2. Have received a High School Equivalency Certificate based on the GED test, or
  3. Have been home-schooled and meet the “ability to benefit” as determined through a test recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, or
  4. Intend to enroll in a GED course, or
  5. Be a high school junior or senior and have principal approval to enroll, or
  6. Be a gifted student below the age of 16 and have principal approval to enroll.

Admission of High School Students

High school students may also attend classes at Ƶ for credit toward either a high school diploma or a college degree. Eligibility for enrollment as a high school student is decided as follows:

  1. The student is a high school junior or senior.
  2. A signed “Principal’s Approval” form must be submitted.
  3. A signed “Parent Guardian Approval” form must be submitted.
  4. A high school transcript is submitted to Ƶ. Final approval for enrollment is then determined by Ƶ.

College credit for classes taken by high school students will be held in “the bank” and awarded to the student upon completion of high school (as verified by an official high school transcript).

“Gifted students” (students with exceptionally high academic ability as determined by the student’s school and the College) who are below sixteen years of age may also take courses at Ƶ with the approval of the student’s principal and the College.

Gifted students should follow the application procedures previously listed for the admission of high school students.

Admission to a Program of Study

Each program of study (for example, Electronics, Horticulture, Associate in Arts or Science) has specific requirements for admission. These requirements are based on the student’s previous education, work experience, and levels of achievement. See “Programs of Study” in the  for a complete list of prerequisites for each program. Information that may be used in admission to a program includes:

  1. A transcript of the student’s high school and college records. The student should request a transcript from the school(s) to be sent to the Admissions and Records Office at Ƶ. High school seniors applying for admission should also include a list of courses in progress. Transcripts of individuals who do not enroll at Ƶ will be kept on file for two years after receipt.
  2. Test scores. Ƶ generally uses the American College Testing (ACT). Other comparable test results may be submitted if approved by a Ƶ counselor.
  3. Application and personal interview, including related experiences since leaving high school or college.

Students may be provisionally admitted to a program even if they fail to meet some requirements. Students provisionally admitted may be required to enroll in developmental courses, take a reduced load, complete further testing, and/or receive career counseling. Similar procedures may also be applied to students enrolling in individual courses only.

Selective Admission to Health Professions Programs

The following health professions programs require specialized admission:

  • AAS Dental Hygiene – cooperative agreement with Lakeland Community College
  • AAS Nursing – Registered Nursing
  • AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant – cooperative agreement with Parkland College
  • AAS Physical Therapy Assistant – cooperative agreement with Lakeland Community College
  • 鲹徱Dz
  • AAS Respiratory Care – cooperative agreement with Parkland College
  • AAS Surgical Technology
  • Pharmacy Technology Certificate
  • Practical Nursing Certificate
  • Surgical Technology Certificate